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Social Studies

In an era when students must sort through increasingly complex social and political issues, absorbing news and information from an evolving digital landscape, social studies should be meaningful and engaging--a means for preparing students for the modern world. Standford History Education Group.

Tools to engage students in civics discussions/controversial events.  "Allsides website, see both sides of issues"

In the Jordan School District, we work to provide the best for "EVERY STUDENT EVERY DAY." This website will provide students, teachers, schools and parents with resources to help all our students be successful. We have videos, ideas, links and other tools to help implement the Utah State Social Studies Curriculum and history skills in the new Utah Core Standards. We have resources to facilitate collaboration in Professional Learning Communities. Teachers and students can access District common assessments from the site to help in gathering good data on student learning. In Jordan School District, it's all about our kids!

Collage of pictures depicting data, implementing core curriculum, historic sites, primary sources, and PLCs